Born in 1961, grew up west of Zürich. Discovered music in 1971 and started collecting records. After spending a lot of time in record stores and spending a lot of money for used and new vinyl, the time was come to learn an instrument. So the first guitar was there but not able to play any tone.
Finally at the age of 22 a friend teached me some basic chords and so I learned what is music all about.
I recognised that some big hits are based on three four chords only and some having a very complex
structure. After a couple of years and buying another guitar I was still playing for my own fun. Due to family
and lack of time I stopped playing in the late 80's.
In life you don't know what is your destiny. All at once I joined a coverband called Monday Motion. I never played bass before but Claudio Weber was teaching me and I found myself playing in a band for the first time in my life - awesome - a dream came true.
After another project with Timeless Young I prefered to join other people with the same goal to play some own stuff. So I still enjoy playing together with some friends, being creative and writing songs for the next project Deep Creek.

My talent and my capability to play any instrument are limited but my enthusiasm and fun is unlimited. Sometimes I play a wrong tone but my heart has always the right beat. Even I'm a little late for a musical career I just love music. I can tell you I was always a little late in my life ... hope I can say that when I have to die ...
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